Cutting sample washer

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SAMPLE WASHER. Ketek's Sample Washer is useful for cleaning sample cutting required for the geologist. Dimensions: Features: "). 6. H 0.91 m (3'). Dryweight
 SampleWash™ Is a patent pending, automated, sieve, wash, and dry unit for superior drill cutting preparation. Sample Washer.
 Testimonials The most frustrating part of well site geology is that the most important job (good sampling) is assigned to the greenest rig hand. He'll often be
 17 Nov 2011 A drill cuttings sample washer according includes a frame-mounted wash bath and degreaser bath. A slide bar is mounted across one end of
 Our sample washers provide a clean, safe method to wash drill cutting samples. They are easily rigged up with only an air hose
 JPG Sample Washer Sample Washer · Click to enlarge image Washer Cut.jpg Pass Through Basket Washer Pass Through Basket Washer. View the embedded
 -oversized cuttings left in the pail, being predominantly cavings, are discarded Mechanical wash systems provide good sample quality and homogeneity.
 cutting your cylinder (2.3mmdia) from a stack made of 4mm. 5. So suppose you want to cut samples through ultrasonic cutter first take copper washer see.
 We can cut washers of all sizes from sheet materials including rubber and other We can produce your washers from a technical drawing or sample and
 Blenders are labour intensive and can deform the cuttings. Automated sample washers use large quantities of water and the end product is not always clean.