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You start your claim to an employment tribunal by filling in the claim form. This is called an ET1. It's best to use the
 The new 'ET1' employment tribunal claim form online is a difficult to understand. In this article we show you step by step how to do it yourself.
 28 Apr 2017 Details the various forms, rules and questionnaires that may be used in employment tribunal or EAT proceedings, or at other stages of the
 Number. Title. Download. ET1A, Employment Tribunal claim form for multiple claimants · (PDF 502KB). ET1, Employment Tribunal claim form for single claimants
 Make a claim. You can make a claim to the employment tribunal online. You can also download and fill in a claim form and send it to the employment tribunal.
 employment tribunal a fee will need to be paid. Please notethat claims solely relating to payments from the National Insurance. Fund do not require a fee.
 Tel: (01534) 441380 - Fax: (01534) 625898 - registrartribunalservice@gov.je Download Forms. User Guide. User Guide – Employment. Making a Claim.
 Before lodging an Employment Tribunal claim, Acas must be notified first and this Evidence that Acas has been notified will be provided in the form of a unique
 Form title: Employment Tribunal claim form for single claimants; Form category: Employment Tribunal; Language: English; Last modified: February 2017